It’s not often I come across beauty products that make a noticeable difference in my appearance. But since I started using City Beauty’s pro-aging products that address some of the specific issues I have, I’ve had documented and significant changes. That’s worth telling you about! In fact, I’m sharing five of my must-have City Beauty products.

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City Beauty’s City Lash

Now you and I know – because we’ve been around the block more than a few times – that “significant results” are always relative. What may be significant to me may look like nothing much to you. I say that because you have to understand that all my life I’ve had

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How to Wear Ankle Boots in the Winter

How to wear ankle boots in the winter is probably THE most requested topic I get this time of year, and I’m getting it now more than ever due to the changing denim and pant styles this season.

Our 2022 Holiday Card

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending (and receiving) Christmas cards. Even though Facebook and Instagram keep up to date with friends and family near and far, I still love giving and getting good old-fashioned snail mail at Christmastime, and this year I ordered holiday photo cards from Shutterfly.

My Go-To Kitchen Gifts for the Holidays

When I want to give a practical gift, I usually get something for the kitchen. My go-to kitchen gifts these days are cookware from Our Place, and they just started their Black Friday Sale, where you can save up to 30% off the

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What to Buy: Nordstrom Triple Points

As if all the fall clearance and Black Friday preview sales aren’t exciting enough, Nordstrom just started a Triple Points event! Now through Sunday, 11/13, Nordy Club members can earn 3X the points when shopping in stores or online at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. 

Two Modern Classic Winter Looks with Talbots

I know I have a lot of Talbots fans here, so I’m excited to partner with them on today’s post! I styled two fall/winter looks with casual holiday events in mind, but they can also be worn to work or church or other business casual events you may have coming up.

How to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

Is It Okay To Wear White Jeans After Labor Day? If I could have a dollar for every time I get this question… 🤪 Yes, it is TOTALLY OKAY to wear white jeans/pants/shoes after

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2 Long Sleeve Floral Dresses To Wear Right Now

With lots of events on the horizon, it’s always nice to have a few go-to dresses in your closet that you can wear for the holidays and beyond. I styled two great options for fall/winter weddings, business casual work parties, bridal showers, etc. They would even work for church on Sunday with a different shoe.

Try-On Haul: Premium Denim & Holiday Tops

Happy Monday, friends! I finally finished up that try-on haul I was talking about last week. It’s mostly denim, but I do have some sweaters and festive tops that came in that I tacked on at the end.

Holiday Outfit Ideas: What Colors to Wear

I’ve had a lot of requests for holiday outfit ideas recently, so now that the stores have released their holiday attire, I thought I’ld share some of my favorite pieces to inspire your outfit

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Fashion MovieWell, if you have a hankering to relive your glory days (or maybe to observe the imply groupies lose ultimately), we have created an inventory of the Best Teen Movies! Movies and series which are focused on youngsters typically depict them in heroic roles and explore the distinctive experiences that youngsters of that age expertise.

Bill Blass is likely one of the most well-known fashion designers to have ever come out of America and he got here proper from the heart of the nation – Indiana. He has received numerous awards all through the years for his many designs and even attained a lifetime achievement award at the finish of the 20th century. He died of cancer in 2002 but his designs continue to be essential and influential to the industry to today.

Its predominant goal is to deliver us back to the pleasurable expertise of buying nicely-made clothes with …

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