Maybe your friend also only eats vegetables and meat lately, only eats 1-2 times a day, or replaces his drink with infused water, or oxygen water. Maybe not only your friends who do it, but you also experience it. So, what exactly do we need to know about the food choices we consume every day?

Daily food shows social status

Everyone has a different appetite and this can affect their food choices. Socio-cultural context also influences our judgment in choosing food. Unfortunately, the food we eat sometimes overrides its primary nutritional function.

The food consumed is more reflective of our culture and diet style that most people follow. This is influenced by global influences and the rapid development of current trends. There is a lot of information, especially through the internet, about the consumption of healthy foods, dietary restrictions, and the influence of certain types of food on body shape.…

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Jewelry in addition to a trendy style and appearance, can also be used for long-term investment. Already know tips on buying jewelry for investment?

Gold Jewelry is often the choice of many people to be used as investment capital. Besides being easy to get, gold jewelry is an investment that is useful because it can be an accessory to beautify yourself. If you are looking for the best jewelry and have a lot to choose from, you can visit sites such as:

So that you don’t make a mistake in investing, consider first tips on buying jewelry for investment!


Gold Jewelry For Investment

Investing in gold has become the choice of many people, especially among women. In addition to having the potential to gain profit, gold jewelry is able to support the appearance to make it look more leverage.

Along with the times, gold is increasingly easy to own …

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