Buying Jewelry Not Just for Style but For Investment

Jewelry in addition to a trendy style and appearance, can also be used for long-term investment. Already know tips on buying jewelry for investment?

Gold Jewelry is often the choice of many people to be used as investment capital. Besides being easy to get, gold jewelry is an investment that is useful because it can be an accessory to beautify yourself. If you are looking for the best jewelry and have a lot to choose from, you can visit sites such as:

So that you don’t make a mistake in investing, consider first tips on buying jewelry for investment!


Gold Jewelry For Investment

Investing in gold has become the choice of many people, especially among women. In addition to having the potential to gain profit, gold jewelry is able to support the appearance to make it look more leverage.

Along with the times, gold is increasingly easy to own with prices that tend to be stable. Gold investment in the form of jewelry tends to attract attention because of its dual function. But you should first find out the advantages and disadvantages when investing in gold jewelry.

For information, gold jewelry is easy to find and can support appearance.

You can also buy gold jewelry at affordable prices according to your ability. Even from a weight of less than 1 gram with various carats ranging from 18, 22, to 24.

Tips for Buying Jewelry for Investment

There is nothing wrong with making gold jewelry as an investment, because it can be a physical savings and used as a reserve fund if needed at any time.

Take note of these few tips before deciding to buy gold jewelry as an investment, check it out!

Know Today’s Gold Price

When you plan to buy gold jewelry, you should first know the latest gold price that day because it always fluctuates. It is recommended to buy gold when the price is not soaring or falling.

The price of jewelry consists of the price of gold per gram plus the cost of making which is usually negotiable.

Pay Attention to Rust Levels

The higher the karat, the higher the proportion of gold in the jewelry. For example, 24-karat gold jewelry has a higher gold content than 18-carat gold.

It’s just that 23 carat gold tends to be soft so it needs to be mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and last longer. This is the reason that makes gold jewelry has a cost to manufacture.

According to international standards, gold purity grades are as follows:

24 karat gold composition: pure gold (99.99%);
Composition of 22 karat gold: 91.7% gold mixed with 8.3% other materials (usually silver);
20 carat gold composition: 83.3% gold;
Composition of 18 karat gold: 75% gold;
Composition of 16 carat gold: 66.6% gold;
Composition of 14 karat gold: 58.5% gold;
9 carat gold composition: 37.5% gold.

Make sure the condition of the gold to be purchased

In addition to the carat content, when buying gold jewelry, you must also be observant to see the overall condition. Make sure there are no blemishes, scratches, or chips.

For example, for the type of bracelet or necklace, you should choose an S-shaped key, because the key is more durable than a pressed key.

Also check whether the gold jewelry still leaves green stains or not. Green stains come from chemicals that haven’t been washed off and can cause allergies for some people.

The condition of gold jewelry that must be ensured also includes the model. It’s a good idea to buy a gold model whose trend will not change in the next few years.

Profitable Gold Jewelry Investment, Origin…

When planning to invest in gold, try to plan for the long term, not just a short term investment. Thus, the cost of making when we buy gold jewelry can be covered as the price of gold increases in the market.

The profit is indeed quite promising, but it needs to be balanced with patience and always up to date with information about gold itself so that your investment is successful.

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