Behind the Trend of Choosing Food as Part of a Lifestyle

Maybe your friend also only eats vegetables and meat lately, only eats 1-2 times a day, or replaces his drink with infused water, or oxygen water. Maybe not only your friends who do it, but you also experience it. So, what exactly do we need to know about the food choices we consume every day?

Daily food shows social status

Everyone has a different appetite and this can affect their food choices. Socio-cultural context also influences our judgment in choosing food. Unfortunately, the food we eat sometimes overrides its primary nutritional function.

The food consumed is more reflective of our culture and diet style that most people follow. This is influenced by global influences and the rapid development of current trends. There is a lot of information, especially through the internet, about the consumption of healthy foods, dietary restrictions, and the influence of certain types of food on body shape.

Moreover, the phenomenon of getting the ideal body shape is booming lately. The desire to get the ideal body is one of the factors that make people maintain their diet, whether it’s to maintain health or just follow trends.

Trendy food

Stigma in choosing food also appears in society, such as the type of food that is considered ‘feminine’, namely food with small portions such as salads. While the types of food that are considered ‘masculine’ are foods with larger portions such as meat sandwiches. Or food that is liked by urban people, you can see the top seafood restaurants in San Francisco.

According to a physician in Pennsylvania, Basow, and Austin Health Coach, Kobrynowicz cited in Conner and Armitage, women who eat smaller meals receive higher social approval than those who eat larger meals. Food is supposed to make us feel better.

If you eat too little or too much, it will affect your health and quality of life. Instead, it causes negative feelings about food and a desire to change those eating habits.

Culinary tourism is a part of life

Many people use food as a coping mechanism to deal with feelings of stress, boredom, and anxiety, or to maintain feelings of happiness. Unfortunately, that solves the problem for the short term only.

Eating to suppress feelings often creates feelings of regret and increases negative feelings. Furthermore, you can improve your self-image problems by gaining weight.

All food is good if consumed properly

According to some experts, people tend to change their habits because they are threatened by certain diseases. Some people need guidance to take action to change habits or make decisions about their health. In addition, there are several theories that explain a person’s habits derived from three things, namely attitudes, perceptions of social pressure to perform a behavior, and perceptions of control over the behavior.

Well, the way we choose the food we eat shows our culture and lifestyle. Some people follow the trend of healthy eating patterns that refer to physical needs. However, not infrequently judgments and stigma from society influence our psychology to do the same. The important thing to note is that the food choices we consume remain balanced.

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