Are you doing any traveling this winter? Whether you’re heading over the river and through the woods for a weekend getaway or traveling by plane to a ski resort, you may need to pack for warmth and safety as well as style and enjoyment. I’ve gathered the winter travel essentials you might want to consider for your trip. And I even have a printable list for my email subscribers in the Printable Library.

Women's Travel Essentials for Winter

Now obviously every winter vacation is different. And the list I’ve compiled is for cold weather travel and destinations, so if you’re lucky enough to be heading for warmer climes, this list is probably not for you. But when we’re traveling during the winter we do face a few unique challenges. We need to plan for emergencies we hope never happen. And we need to pack substantial, warm clothing in small carry-on suitcases. So keep these things

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Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m back at posting my daily outfits this week. I like to share how I really dressed for my days because it keeps me accountable and helps me put a little more effort into what I wear. My goal is only to show clothes and outfits here at Dressed for My Day that I would actually wear in real life, whether it’s a fashion post I put together on my own dime or a sponsored post. But sometimes in the past I have put together things that I probably would never have worn myself. I think I’ve gotten much better at that over the almost 5 years I’ve been blogging. But this weekly post really helps me keep track of my personal style aesthetic and how it is evolving.

How I Really dressed for My Day

I won’t be talking too much about individual pieces in these outfits unless it’s

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Dum da da dum! Not only is this the final of my 2022 in review posts, but it’s also the most somber, for obvious reasons. I’m not really one to live with regrets. I’d much rather brush off those slight misses and move forward with confidence and hope. But there’s something to be said for at least a brief study of the things that didn’t quite turn out as planned. And when it comes to investing in our wardrobes, I do believe we’ll never get more proficient at building a cost effective, joyful and well-suited closet of clothes if we don’t at least occasionally pause to reflect on the mistakes we’ve made. So today I am indeed sharing my most regrettable purchases of 2022…and what I learned from them.

This will be brief…because it’s painful. Ouch. Hahaha!

My Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022

Sorry, but we can’t go on without one caveat. If I shared one

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I think every season brings its set of challenges as far as fashion goes. In the spring we’re ready to wear all the lightweight pieces and pretty colors, but the chilly temperatures require us to cover those pretty new pieces with outerwear. In the summer we’re just trying not to sweat. Ha! And the weather is all over the place in the fall, requiring us to be really flexible. But as we settle into the cold days of winter we sometimes struggle to look polished and put together without sacrificing the warmth and coziness we naturally crave this time of year. So today I’m sharing 5 easy ways to look put together this winter…while still staying warm.

Today I’m using a mixture of photos from this year and previous years. So many if not most of the items I’m showing are no longer available. We’re focusing on style principles here

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Happy New Year! The first of a calendar year always seems like a good time to begin afresh. While I’m not necessarily one to make new year’s resolutions, I do like to put into place some healthy standards and good habits on January 1st, with the hope that they will help me “move the needle” in the right direction throughout the year. Monday I’ll get back to a firm commitment to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for healthy eating and a balanced exercise plan. I’ll also set into motion the work goals I’ve written into my new monthly planner. But even more important, today I read the first entry in my Life Principles Daily Bible and I began meditating on my first scripture of the year. Let’s begin the 2023 Dressed for My Day Scripture Meditation Challenge!

Warning: This post is long. But they WILL NOT BE from

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