Tips for choosing clothes according to your skin color

Sometimes, your skin tone can determine the color of clothes that are suitable to wear. If skin tone is your reference in choosing clothes, then you must know what colors can be options or colors that need to be avoided.

There is also another way, which is to see the color of the veins or veins on the wrist. Green veins indicate you have a warm tone. If it’s blue, it means cool tone. There is also a neutral tone if your veins are a mix of green and blue.

As for the color of clothes, said Su Jin Bae, warm tones are generally more suitable for wearing dark or pastel colored clothes that tend to be peach. Then cold tones will look brighter by wearing soft and bright colors, such as pink, blue and purple.

Fair skin

This skin tone is suitable for wearing any color, but it looks more elegant when wearing soft clothes like pastels. The color will make you look seductive and relaxed.

Off-white, brown, light blue, beige and bold blue colors are also recommended. Make sure the colors you use should be bright and not fading. While the colors to avoid include: dark purple and yellow.

Yellow skin

Owners of olive skin would be more appropriate when wearing tropical colors such as orange, green, red, yellow and blue.

Brown skin

Purple, turquoise and maroon can be an option for those of you who have brown skin. Meanwhile, the combination of light and dark colors will look luxurious on tan skin. Other reliable colors are pink, burgundy, beige, navy. Avoid olives, reds, and dark browns.

dark skin

Exotic leather should be wrapped in soft earth-colored clothing. Avoid using clothing colors that are too contrasting on the skin.

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