Tools You Need Now for a Transformative 2023


We’ll be bidding another calendar year farewell in just a few weeks, and that means it’s time to start thinking seriously about our plans for 2023. Whether you’re one to name resolutions, set goals or just keep on doing the best you can, it’s important to gather the tools you need now for a transformative 2023. I’ve got a few ideas to share with you that could really move the needle in the right direction as you start winding your way through this next year.

TOOLS you need NOW for a Transformative 2023

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Personally I don’t generally set resolutions, but I do review the past year and set some fresh goals for the new one. I also like to establish good habits early on in the year that will help me to stay on or get on the trajectory I want to be on in several key areas of my life. I’ve learned that having a plan and working the plan is the only way to reach goals and bring about lasting change.

But I’ve also discovered that one of the keys to working a plan successfully – whether it’s a fitness plan, financial plan, spiritual growth plan, or what have you – is having the tools needed for success. And that’s where so many people lose their way early on in a new year. When you don’t shop for or secure the necessary tools before December 31, time is lost and best laid plans go to the wayside quickly.

These are the tools I think we need NOW for a transformative 2023 – one in which real change takes place, real progress is made.

Fitness Tools

I’ve struggled a bit in 2022 to stay true to healthy eating and consistent exercise. So my goal for 2023 is to once again reign in those bad habits and develop good ones again. I have a plan that I’ve used for the past five years, and it works. But I need to buckle down and stick with the plan again.

Let's Go Outside

For me that means I need to enlist gracious accountability. So I’m reenlisting in an accountability group that is provided in the program I participate in. If you’d like to know more about that program, just email me. But I want to focus today on the tools we all need to execute any kind of sound fitness program for 2023.

One thing that’s a must for me is nice workout clothing. That may sound vain and silly, but I know I’m much more likely to work out if I have fresh, pretty and comfortable tights, leggings, tops, jackets and accessories for cold weather.

Workout Clothes
Rainier Reflective Tights // similar running shoes // Momentum seamless top // Inlet vest // Tahoe beanie

I like Athleta for activewear because they have a full range of sizes and they make exercise clothing for real women’s bodies. It’s comfortable and nice looking, but it also lasts. In fact, I don’t think that in the four years I’ve been wearing Athleta that I’ve ever gotten rid of anything yet.

Workout Clothes from Athleta
Rainier Tights // Momentum Seamless top // Flurry Force PrimaLoft Insulated jacket // similar running shoes

The Flurry Force PrimaLoft Insulated jacket above is a great lightweight jacket that really keeps you warm on walks in the cold and wind, especially once you get going. It packs down to nothing, so it’s great for travel, too. And I love my On Cloud running shoes. These are similar to mine.

But I’ve also gathered up a few other things that I need to have at the ready as the new year begins so that I can be successful in my fitness goals. I already have most of these, if not all of them. But if you’re setting some new goals – such as hydrating more regularly or integrating weight training into your routine (so important!) – you may need to get some of these items NOW so you have them ready to go January 1, 2023.

Fitness Supplies
rechargeable LED slap wrap for exercising on dark mornings or evenings // Tahoe beanie // water filter pitcher // Rainier Reflective Tights // On Cloud running shoes // Guide Pro hikers // Neoprene dumbbell set // Fitbit Charge 5

One of my commitments for 2023 is to return to using my Fitbit. It’s such a great motivator to keep moving throughout the day and get in a sufficient number of steps to promote good health. I use it sporadically now, but I’m committed to wearing it daily in the new year.

Beauty Tools

I can’t prevent all signs of aging, nor do I want to. In fact, while I’m not opposed to it for other women, I’m just not one to go to all extremes for a more youthful appearance. But I do want to do the things I can do to look my best. After all, my job has me in front of a camera multiple times each week.

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to and working with City Beauty, which is sponsoring today’s post. I love that City Beauty is pro-aging, meaning they create products to work with the aging process, helping us to look and feel our best, rather than trying to mask the changes we will all undoubtedly face. And truly I’ve found that several of City Beauty’s products have made significant improvements in my appearance.

City Lash
City Beauty City Lash serum

For instance, regular use of City Beauty City Lash serum has increased the volume, length and health of my eyelashes dramatically. They may still look sparse and short to you, but this is a huge improvement on what I’ve lived with all of my life, not just in recent years. I do find that I need to continue morning and evening use of the City Beauty City Lash serum in order to maintain the fullness I’ve achieved.

City Beauty City Lash serum
City Beauty City Lash serum (Use code KAY35 for 35% off sitewide at City Beauty)

By the way, before I go any further on the beauty tools I’m making sure I have going in to the new year, let me share with you some tremendous news. City Beauty is giving my readers 35% off sitewide with code KAY35, but just through December 18th.

Another City Beauty product that has made a significant difference in my appearance is the Restoring Hand Treatment. I do use other handcreams that I keep in my handbag and around the house. But I believe it’s the regular morning and evening application of the Restoring Hand Treatment that is keeping the skin on my hands and my nails looking healthier and younger.

Restoring Hand Treatment (use code KAY35 for 35% off through December 18)

I had a professional facial done Friday, and the aesthetician stressed over and over to me that my main skincare goal needs to be adding and protecting the moisture of my skin. She said we all lose so much moisture post menopause and must constantly hydrate by drinking more water and applying good moisturizing products. So I’m committing to use the City Beauty Line-Smoothing Hydro-Masks weekly in 2023. In fact, I’m starting this week!

Hydro Mask
City Beauty Line-Smoothing Hydro-Masks

The City Beauty Line-Smoothing Hydro-Masks come in a box of 5 masks, and they are so luxurious and soothing. Plus, my skin really does feel more moisturized and retain moisture better with use.

And one more product that I will definitely keep in stock in 2023 and use consistently is the City Lips Lip Plumpers. Not only do these City Lips Lip Plumpers actually “plump” my lips a little, but they also moisturize better than any other product I’ve ever used for chapped lips. As long as I’m using the City Lips Lip Plumpers consistently, my lips do not chap at all…even in the winter. I’m truly impressed and hooked!

City Lips Lip Plumpers
City Lips Lip Plumpers in clear // City Lips Matte rosy mauve // City Lips Lip Plumpers in Los Angelips

I’m grateful to City Beauty for sponsoring today’s blog post and giving me complete freedom to write this post as I wanted to. All opinions expressed are genuine and my own, as always. But if you’re looking for some beauty tools to help you move the needle a little, I can highly recommend City Beauty. And remember to use code KAY35 for 35% off sitewide through December 18.

Beauty - Tools for a Transformative 2023
City Lips Lip Plumpers in clear // CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 // Restoring Hand Treatment // City Beauty Line-Smoothing Hydro-Masks // City Lash serum

Be sure to check out the other products at City Beauty. They’re a clean beauty brand and based here in the US.

Devotional Tools

December is an important time to think ahead to how you want to grow spiritually in the coming year. I always take this month to decide how I will conduct my morning devotional or “quiet” times in the new year. This past year I read through Charles Stanley’s devotional Jesus, Our Perfect Hope, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. But in 2023 I’m returning to reading the Bible through in a year. I like to use Charles Stanley’s Life Principles Daily Bible.

Life Principles Daily Bible

In the Life Principles Daily Bible you read a portion of the Old Testament, a portion of the New Testament, a portion of Psalms and a small portion of Proverbs each day. Plus every other day or so you read a little bit of commentary by Dr. Stanley as well as his life principles. It really is my favorite way to spend my daily quiet times. I read it in the New American Standard Version, but it’s also available in the New King James version.

I also like to have a 4×6 photo album and index cards at the beginning of each year for scripture meditation and memory. I get one of these albums and then change out the paper insert for something a little prettier from scrapbook paper. Then I insert these 4×6 index cards and use them to record meaningful scriptures I want to meditate on daily and even memorize over time.

Bible with Scripture Album
Life Principles Daily Bible // album // 4×6 index cards

I haven’t done the meditation and memory albums like I should this past year, so that’s a definite goal for 2023. I plan to memorize two scriptures each month. If you would like to join me in this, let me know. Maybe we could have some sort of accountability for this apart from the blog here. I’ll look into that. Maybe a monthly email? Let me know what you think.

Devotional Supplies
album // 4×6 index cards // Inductive Study Bible // colored pencils // pencil case // Jesus, Our Perfect Hope // Every Day in His Presence // Gracelaced // Life Principles Daily Bible

I’ve included other tools that you might want to have for your daily quiet times above. I think it’s smart to have some colored pencils for Bible marking. And I use the Inductive Study Bible for my real Bible study time. I’m doing Ruth Chow Simons’ Christmas devotional Emanuel this December and I love it. So I’m thinking about ordering her Gracelaced devotional.

Organization Tools

One of my favorite things about December, quite honestly, is getting my new planner for the next year. I love a brand new calendar with no marks in it yet! For years I used Mary Engelbreit calendars and then another brand, but last year I settled on the Rifle Paper 17-Month Large Planner, and I have LOVED it. I’ve already gotten in my new one!

Large Planner
Rifle Paper 17-Month Large Planner // Rifle Paper writing pencils
17-Month Large Planner

This 17-Month Large Planner has large calendars for each month in the front of the album and then weekly planning pages for each of 17 months, starting this past August. I like that the cover is hardbound because I carry mine everywhere and am pretty hard on it. Plus, it’s just so pretty!

17-Month Large Planner
Rifle Paper 17-Month Large Planner // Rifle Paper writing pencils // file folders

This year I also purchased some pretty file folders from Rifle Paper, plus a case for my pretty pencils that I’ve enjoyed using this year. I think it’s important to start out the year with all the tools we’ll need to stay organized for the year. When I have pretty things like this planner and file folders, I’m much more prone to use them and stay organized. Use code MERRY30 to take 30% off EVERYTHING at Rifle Paper and get FREE shipping on orders over $70. Yay!

Pencils and Case
case // pencils

Here’s a graphic with other calendaring options from Rifle Paper. You’ll also find pocket calendars, wall calendars and other planners there. So however you like to stay organized, Rifle Paper has the tools to help.

Desk Supplies
appointment calendar // file folders // 12-month pocket calendar // pencil case // 12-month soft cover spiral planner // pencils // 12-month soft cover spiral planner // Rifle Paper 17-Month Large Planner

So those are the tools that I’m starting the year with. I’ve already ordered and received many of my supplies, so I’m ready when January 1 gets here. And it will absolutely be here before you know it! So don’t delay securing the tools you need for a transformative 2023. Remember, best laid plans fall to the wayside if we don’t have the tools to implement them. Let me know if you have questions about anything I’ve shown. And thanks again to City Beauty for sponsoring today’s blog post. Use KAY35 there to get 35% off sitewide. And use code MERRY30 for 30% off at Rifle Paper.

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Blessed for My Day

Oh Lord, some days life can feel so lonely. Even when we are surrounded by people, we can feel the sting of loneliness. Whether we are feeling misunderstood, invisible, friendless or simply aching for the presence of someone who has passed, we sometimes hurt so badly for the warmth of a deeper companionship than we can even articulate. 

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Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. ~ Isaiah 7:14

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