Welcome to Dressed for My Day! We’re winding down the year with a few review posts. Earlier this week I took a deep dive into my analytics to discover the 22 Top Sellers at DFMD in 2022 and the 22 Top Blog Posts in 2022. It’s always beneficial for me to see what resonates with my readers. But I’ve also been reflecting on how my own personal style has evolved this year as I listed out my 22 Favorite Outfits of the year. Today I’m continuing with that vein of thought as I share my 22 favorite fashions purchases in the last 12 months.

Top 22 in 2022

Probably next Monday I’ll wrap up these reflective posts with my 22 favorite beauty product purchases. But today I’ve looked through my purchases in 2022 and determined the clothing and accessories that have meant the most to me this year. These are pieces that have

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Best of 2022: Top Ten Posts

Yesterday I rounded up your favorite products of 2022, and today I’m sharing your favorite posts! According to my Google Analytics, these are the ten most highly trafficked posts that I published this year.

Best of 2022: Reader Favorites in Fashion, Beauty & Home

Well, it’s that time again. Let the year end recaps begin! Today I’ve rounded up your favorite products from my blog and social media channels this year, and I decided to make three separate lists for fashion, beauty, and home.

Best After-Christmas Sales

Happy Monday! I hope you had a joyous Christmas celebration with some of your favorite people. Whether you’re back to work today or enjoying another day off, be sure to take a moment to peruse this post because the after-Christmas sales are large and in charge this year!

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Hello dear reader. I do hope you had a beautiful Christmas. But even if family members were far away, someone was ill (maybe even you), the weather was frightful or you were missing a loved one who passed recently, I hope you were able to celebrate the coming of Emanuel, God with us, for at least a few thoughtful minutes. Holidays can be hard, but the truth of Christmas offers us hope and peace regardless. Let’s grab hold of that and choose to be grateful.

I’m actually taking the day off and enjoying more time with family, but last week I put together this post using the analytics from my affiliate programs. It’s always helpful for me to look through the data at year end so that I can see what is resonating with my readers. I’ll also be publishing other “TOP 22 in 2022” posts in the next few

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We are oh so close to Christmas! In fact I’m heading out of town today to begin festivities with my family. So I’m closing up shop and counting myself officially on vacation. All the same I’ve gathered up lots of holiday outfits for a little outfit inspiration here today. And tomorrow I’m inviting you to a Holiday Coffee with Kay, just to chat a bit before we all celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I think I’ll share our holiday outfit inspiration from dressy to casual. So let’s begin with this moody floral dress from Chico’s. If you have a special holiday dress you may want to style it like

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I finally felt like the Christmas holidays had arrived yesterday. James and I were treated to a special lunch, just the two of us, at a nice restaurant. It was such a lovely time. Then we ran a couple of errands and came home. But there was just no rush. I’ve completed all my sponsorship obligations for the year, so that is a big weight off my shoulders. And today I’m training my two assistants to take over yet another task that I can gladly pass on to them. So I’m beginning to breathe a little more easy these days.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

I’m spending these two days getting all the loose ends tied up at work and then we’re spending the holiday weekend with family. I think I’ve finished my shopping, but we do have one package we still need to ship to my son and daughter-in-law because we’re waiting on one

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