Fashion Marketing Strategy in Digital Technology

What is the right fashion marketing strategy? Brands of various kinds of fashion that require a marketing strategy to reach their consumers. Not only local brands, even well-known brands until now will not stop promoting.

Marketing activities are not only to introduce the business to consumers but also to increase the sales of the product. So don’t be surprised if many business people use a lot of media to promote their products, one of which is through FB ads manager.

For those of you who have just opened a business in the fashion field, it is important to know marketing tips. Here are some strategies you can use to market your product:

1.Creating a website

How to market products, especially in terms of fashion, is very effective, you do it by creating a website. Because nowadays shopping habits change people by preferring the online system instead of having to come directly to offline stores.

From problems like this, it becomes a great opportunity for you to change the way of marketing. Have a website to market products that are considered professional in running their business and are able to increase brand awareness.

2.Paying attention to smartphone use

By having a website to market products digitally that can be accessed using a smartphone. Websites have the advantage of being able to resize to fit the shape of the smartphone, which makes it important for consumer needs.

If you don’t use it then it can be a bad experience for those of you who want to access it with a smartphone. Of course, it will also have an effect on the fashion industry related to product offerings, especially since it is known that there is a website but cannot be accessed with a smartphone.

3.Carry out marketing strategies using social media

Marketing on social media is indeed quite widely used by business people, especially in running and developing their fashion business. Having a social media account is a must for you to do in selling products.

In social media you are not only connected with potential customers, but also can build relationships with them. By using this social media you can promote the products you sell to the maximum by presenting photo and video content as well as complete information.

4.Cooperating with influencers to boost business

Many campaigns on social media have collaborated with influencers such as artists or celebrities. Influencers are people who have great influence and have many fans so that they become the center of attention by their fans or followers.

Then things like this are perfect for your fashion product marketing strategy. By working with influencers to review your products, it is very likely that your business is known by many people and can increase sales.

5.use of new technology

Now we are in the era of advanced technology or the digital era which is marked by the presence of artificial intelligence technology. Like a chatbot that acts as a representative by providing 24-hour service to guide customers to checkout the products they choose.

If there are users who ask questions, then there is already an answering robot with the name bots. That way the businessman can still provide maximum service even though he is not able to reply to consumer messages directly at that time.

6.Personalize everything

In carrying out a marketing strategy, many purchases are influenced by recommendations or promotions which have been personalized. For those of you who choose this marketing, you must pay attention to the details of the working system, that personalization will help you to sell more fashion products.

But when you personalize it’s better to first confirm their interests. Personalization itself is creating a campaign for a business with fashion products to be successful.

7.Remarketing to users

The advantage of remarketing is that it can target people who have visited your website a lot in the past. In addition, this is also a powerful way to increase the chances of conversion from ads because it shows something they have seen before.

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