Fashion Stylist

Ajeng Dewi Swatiari

Fashion StylistFashion Stylists assist purchasers enhance and maintain their private picture. Formal schooling isn’t necessary for this position, and most Fashion Stylists start with a small portfolio of clients. A good Fashion Stylist is able to accentuate their clients’ positive attributes and suggest the proper outfit that fits their look and character. Common activities of a Fashion Stylist embrace: deciding on garments and equipment, growing images for celebrities and models, attending vogue shows, and monitoring fashion tendencies.

Show styling: involves organizing occasions and fashion parades. This may contain public speaking/comparing, working backstage at fashion parades, choosing models, organizing the running order, selecting garments and/or equipment, choosing the venue, creating the occasion idea, dealing with the media, photographers, and PR companies. Portfolio / prior study results are required to evaluate the students functionality and our trainer will make individual curriculums based mostly on prior information with the likelihood to skip some topics …