Winter Fashion Try-On Haul

What Hosiery to Wear with a Black Cocktail Dress

This time of year, not a day goes by that I don’t get asked what hose to wear with a black cocktail dress, so I decided it was time to update this post! Let’s face it. This IS a conundrum if you live in a cold climate. When winter events demand semi-formal attire, most ladies opt for a cocktail dress. But WHAT do you wear on your legs?

Make It In Time Beauty Gifts from Nordstrom

It’s getting down to the wire, with just a few days left before it will be too late to order holiday gifts online and get them in time! Nordstrom is my one-stop shop for everything beauty, so I rounded up a bunch of gift-worthy hair tools, makeup and skincare sets, and my favorite new fragrance for last minute gift giving.

Mother Denim Guide: Sizing & Fit Review

Mother jeans are a fan favorite among many women, myself included. If you’re a connoisseur of premium denim, this brand is a must-try. Today I’m sharing my favorite styles of Mother Denim, how they compare, and what shoes to wear with them.

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