6 Fashion Tips for You Owners of Wide Hips, to Look Slimmer!

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Having wide hips sometimes actually makes women insecure.

Besides that, having wide hips also makes it difficult for women to choose the right fashion!

But don’t worry, here are some fashion tips for those of you who have wide hips to make them look slimmer.

1. Wide waist fashion tips – High waist cut

High waist pants

Well, for those of you with wide hips, having a collection of pants or skirts with a high waist line, aka a high waist, is a must, Stylovers.

These high waist pants will help you to show a slim waist

2. Wide waist fashion tips – Avoid baggy pants

Baggy pants

Owners of big hips need to avoid models like this when choosing jeans, yes Stylovers!

You see, the use of jeans whose ends are shrinking will make the display look fuller, so it looks disproportionate.

3. Wide waist fashion tips – Avoid leggings

Alloy leggings

Indeed, leggings are the most comfortable and easy to find type of subordinate anywhere.

But, it turns out that leggings can make the curve of your big hips stand out even more.

so, if you are forced to use leggings, then wear a top that can cover your hips, because this can make your hip size disguised perfectly.

4. Wide waist fashion tips – culottes

Alloy culottes

Well, you can also get around wide hips with culottes or palazzo pants with A line cuts, Stylovers.

Make sure you choose pants that are wide from the waist to the ankles.

So, not cut bray pants whose width is only at the bottom.

With wide-cut pants, the shape of your legs will not be clearly visible, it means that the wide hips can be disguised.

5. Wide waist fashion tips – Use dark colors

Paudan black outfit

It’s no secret that dark colors make your body look thinner and smaller.

Colors like black, navy blue, maroon, and dark gray are great choices.

so, you can combine it with a darker colored or patterned top and bottom pants

6.Wide waist fashion tips – A-line cut skirt

A-line skirt

Yep! An A-line cut skirt is smaller at the hips and wider at the bottom.

This skirt model is believed to give the impression that your wide hips will become slimmer.

In fact, the A-line skirt is also suitable for those of you who wear hijab!

So you just need to adjust the length of the skirt to your needs, so you feel confident and freely move

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